Are you short of money when the camping season nears?

Many campers know it - Easter is approaching - and with it the urge to pitch the caravan at a favorite place. But is the caravan used enough? Birthdays and youth football tournaments fill the weekends and in the summer we will also like to see something else. Therefore, your caravan sits empty for large parts of the season.

Do you use your caravan too little? Does it gather dust in the driveway?

You have a nice caravan but are also aware that you have used it too little over the last year, it takes up space in the driveway. Sometimes it may give a little bit of a bad conscience, maybe you have even considered selling it?

Would you like to share?

If so, you may consider renting your caravan when you do not use it yourself. You must, of course, agree to share your sanctuary with people you do not know - as well as accept the risk of additional wear and damage to your caravan or fixtures. However, having said that, through Camptravel, there is a real possibility that you can choose to receive a rental income that covers some of the expenses.

A campsite or a town and country