Make money on your cart when you are not using it yourself

Camping life is fantastic - that's why we are campers. However, it is not free, and most of us have probably from time to time considered whether the economy is connected when there are periods when we do not get to use our car at all due to family birthdays, football conventions and other forms of holidays. Maybe it's gathering dust in the garage. The family may not be able to make full use of the seasonal space.

At Camptravel, we want to keep the wheels turning even more and create even more camping joy via social sharing of your caravan. You can therefore create a free profile and share your cart with others. Start today.

Self-drive caravan or set up on a campsite?

At Camptravel you can rent your caravan or motorhome in several ways:

  • - As a drive-yourself carriage, where your tenant picks up and delivers the carriage to your address, or where you arrange it.
  • - As permanently placed on one of our member places (permanent place/seasonal place)
  • - As permanently set up in another location (eg own field or similar)

Marketing via Camptravel

Camptravel is constantly working to market and update the portal, so that even more camping guests will find their way to the search function and maybe soon your caravan. It happens i.a. via Google Adwords and social media, and from time to time we also highlight individual cars in our postings and campaigns, so that as many as possible find their way to camping holidays in Denmark.

You must be set to that

You need to be ready to share your caravan or motorhome with people you do not know. It also means that you have to accept the risk of extra wear and tear and maybe even damage to the car and furniture. Conversely, you have the opportunity for a real rental income, which gives you financial leeway to choose camping life and help to cover your expenses for caravans, seasonal pitches, etc.

Free visibility

We make the portal available for free for your visibility. Of course, Camptravel is not free to operate and market, and therefore 12% of the rental price (which you set yourself) goes to Camptravel - but only when you rent out your car. The rent is transferred to your account the day after the start of the rent. This is to create a safe rental platform where the tenant can be sure not to lose money on fake rentals etc. It must be safe to rent on Camptravel, because then we also believe that more tenants will find their way to the portal and will rent again, recommend to others, etc.

Create a free profile and try your first rental:
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