It's vital both for tenants and owners to have insurance, when using Camptravel. As an owner of a caravan, we bring to you four options, which we recommend you check before uploading your caravan.

Ask your present insurance company if your comprehensive insurance is covering renting to a third person regarding drive it yourself caravans or fixed ones. If not, ask if it is possible to purchace a supplement insurance covering the concept: drive it yourself or fixed caravans.

Mentor is a insurance brokerage. We can offer help to all insurance solutions, such as questions and problems, including also help and support for damages!

We are focusing on our clients and we are helping them find the most favorable insurance coverage for the best possible prices and terms.

We are working along with all insurance companies, which are operating in Denmark – and we solve insurance jobs for both Business, Property Manager Associations, Owners Associations, Housing Cooperatives and private.

With best regards,
Allan Mathiesen
Key Account Manager

Telephone: 29790076

Camptravel has formed an alliance with Thisted Insurance for caravans.

Når husstandens øvrige forsikringer samles hos Thisted Forsikring tilbydes forsikring campingvogne, der benyttes til udlejning.Det skal noteres, at campingvognen benyttes til udlejning og kaskoforsikringen omfatter både vognen, det faste inventar og forteltet. Sommerfortelte er udelukkende dækket mod stormskade i perioden 01.03-31.10. Vinterfortelte er dog dækket mod stormskade hele året.

Contact insurer Jette Christensen for offers, and more information.

Telephone: 61208952

I disclaimed a rental insurance on my caravan – and I am taking the full risk for my rental and the damages which may occur in that content.

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