Basic Membership

Your campsite’s basic membership listing is free. Your listing will be shown with name and an icon on the Camptravel map when doing a search. Please choose the ‘Basic Membership’ category and fill in the relevant information as you move forward. You are of course at any time welcome to upgrade your membership to a High Profile Membership at any point and you can contact the Camptravel Team on

High Profile Membership

With a High Profile Membership you will have the following advantages:

  • An active membership in a fast-growing community targeting camping enthusiasts as well as new clients
  • Improved exposure of your campsite both online and in printed media and a very new way of interacting with your guests and potential future hosts within your own campsite
  • Additional earnings for seasonal sites
  • Higher occupancy rates and improved use of space over the season
  • Improved occupancy of your campsite caravan rentals
  • Additional sales when guests are visiting your campsite such as meals, pool, drinks, activities etc.
  • Direct link to your campsite’s webpage

Camptravel will initially be looking for good High Profile Membership campsites within a reasonable geographical distance. Annual price for a High Profile Membership is EUR 135.