Meet the camptravel team

About Camptravel

Camptravel Ltd. was established in 2015. The firm is based on social sharing of caravans in a safe and transparent way. Camptravel is a portal that aims to bring together caravan owners and prospective tenants and in cooperation with selected Danish seats. The company is based on a solid experience in the Danish camping industry and it was established by Lars Hansen, previously director of Topcamp and Danish Tourism Development and Mr. Berner, who operates and owns Vesterlyng Camping in Northwest Zealand.

Camptravel team

Torben Berner LinkedIn

Torben Berner


Lars Hansen LinkedIn

Lars Hansen


Ib S. Paaskesen LinkedIn

Ib S. Paaskesen


Ante Turudic LinkedIn

Ante Turudic

Senior Developer

Lucija Gregov LinkedIn

Lucija Gregov


Nicola Christou LinkedIn

Nicola Christou

Designer & Front-end Developer

Christian Rugholm LinkedIn

Christian Rugholm

Social Media Marketing

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